Quick Medical Lasers Primer

LASER is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. The laser was invented approximately 50 years ago. They used for laser technology has transcended for manufacturing healthcare defense and now cosmetic industries. Laser was introduced into the cosmetics field in the early 1990s. The opportunity to remove hair, rejuvenate skin and offer other noninvasive cosmetic treatments attracted doctors as well as patients alike. Billions of dollars were invested into capturing the full potential and capabilities of lasers offering cutting-edge treatments.

In about the year 2004, all the various uses for the common day cosmetic laser were created. These range from laser, infrared, radio wave, and dynamic pulse control. Do you think knowledge which stemmed from the same origin have proven useful in a wide range of cosmetic treatment such as a reduction, body contouring, skin blemish removal skin rejuvenation, and the removal of vascular lesions among many other cosmetic treatments.

As mentioned, the technology exists for various cosmetic treatments. Now the competition in the new and cosmetic lasers industry revolves around how quickly treatments are performed and the power of the laser. When deciding on which medical lasers spas to get the treatments from, there are some factors which are important to consider.

Firstly, you want to be sure the machines that will be performing the treatments on you have been serviced within the last hundred thousand pulses. This is critical in looking for the best results. Most machines, after 100,000 pulses, will not admit the same level of energy. In fact the energy will be significantly less than optimal.

The service to the laser machine is very expensive for the doctor medical spa. Sometimes, to save money, they will delay servicing the machine. This is not near best interest. You want to have the best results in the least amount of treatments. By ensuring the machine is working optimally, you'll have a better treatment and better end results.

Secondly, ensure the person performing the treatment is experienced. You want to be sure they know what they're doing for many reasons. They need to know how each specific laser react with your specific skin type. Additionally they need to know how much power treatment from the laser based on your skin. This will lead to significantly better results, and if you're very light or dark skin will also ensure you do not get burned by the laser.