The Myths About Cosmetic Laser Treatments

As with most ADLs and businesses, people have a misconception and hear rumors which are far from the truth. This is true with the cosmetic laser industry just like any other industry. In this article we want to eliminate some myths about cosmetic lasers and the effectiveness of cosmetic laser treatments.

The top myths of cosmetic lasers are:

  • Cosmetic laser's is a new industry which is still in its experimental phase
  • You can achieve the same results with skincare products as you can with cosmetic laser treatments
  • One treatment is enough of a sample size to determine the effectiveness of cosmetic laser treatments
  • Cosmetic laser treatments we can your skin's resistance
  • All lasers are created equal in the effectiveness and the results
  • Lasers are the same regardless of the manufacture
  • Once you start laser treatments, stopping over on your skin
  • Lasers cause your face to look like you had full reconstructive surgery

These are some of the most common misconceptions we have found in talking with patients about laser treatments. Of course none of them are true.

Because medical laser industry has been around for over 25 years. It was revolutionary and it's ability to provide treatment to patients far beyond what the skincare products were able to offer. Well one treatment can show results, it is not able to provide conclusive results to the effectiveness of the treatment.

Skin tightening treatment even strengthen your skin because it causes your body to create proteins which it naturally slowly stop creating as a result of age. The laser engages the skin and has it create proteins such as college in which naturally cause the skin to remove wrinkles. This is revolutionary and something that treatments with creams are never able to achieve because they're not able to cause the skin to stimulate collagen growth.

Like with all machines such as BMW Mercedes in Volkswagen the manufacturer is very important in determining the quality of the product produced. As such not all cosmetic lasers created equal. When looking to engage in cosmetic laser treatment, it is important to research the professional who will be conducting the treatment as well as the equipment that they will be utilizing in order to provide the results you desire.

Price should not be a driving force in your deciding which provider or machine to work with. Much of the time if you get a lower price the machine will be less powerful and have less of a result which will cause you to go back for numerous treatments which may not be necessary had you used a quality machine from the beginning.